DSL202v1 is a 2 station MPS line up, 


Released : Q1 2020

PLC : 2 x Siemens ET200SP with IO-LINK

Pressure : >= 4bar

Station 1 

A custom station, based on a Festo Didactic 'Pick and Place' Station.

A magazine module has been added, and the 'Pick and Place Module' has been converted to use an IO-LINK remote-IO device

A signal light has been added to the front of the station

Station 2 

A standard Festo Didactic Sorting Station

The IO-Link components are provided by https://www.balluff.com/


  Video Demonstration
  Video Closeup
  TIA V16 Project
  TIA V15.1 Project
  Baluff BNI004K IODD